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General Photoshoot

Price varies by hour and will get you 30 high resolution images all professionally delivered to you via custom digital gallery.

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starting at $225
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package details

general photoshoot

  • 8-10 hours of consistent media coverage. (per day) 
  • FULL access to all photos taken & can use for personal, social media or commercial purposes. (commercial License included).
  • During the event you can expect consistent content so you will be able to post & share what's happening immediately.
  • Up to 2000 photos minimum per day.
  • Constant social media advertisement on my Social profiles.
  • You can request a desired "shot list" for me to make sure I get certain photos during event.
  • Photos can be branded with your event logo (Must have transparent background)

Additional services can be requested such as:
  1. Videography Services.
  2. Social Media Coverage/Takeover.
  3. Additional Photographer for double the amount of content.

gym shoot

For every and all Gym owners wanting to spruce up the website, promote your new services and offerings to the public or post sharable content across your social media platforms. 


What to expect during a Gym Shoot: 
  • Employee Portraits: This can include headshots for the website, Staff in action, displaying what they love to teach and show off their personality. 
  • Gym Atmosphere: Shots of your overall gym space, equipment display and what you have to offer newcomers wondering what you may have in the gym. 
  • Website Banners & strategic advertising images. 
  • Community Shots: Photos of a class taking place, coaches teaching others and your core community working out and having fun. 
  • Services: Staged shots to portray your services and what you offer. From Personal training.

single game coverage

  • You can hand select 50 images you'd like to have out of the 200+ I may take during the game.
  • All photos will be watermark free.
  • Comes with professional signature edits at a high resolution.
  • Images are for 'personal use' only. If you are wanting to use the images for commercial purposes (like marketing, posters and selling training, equipment and gear) then that needs to be shared with me BEFORE the shoot takes place. (Price may increase for commercial purposes).
  • 'Personal use' is great for posting on social media, keepsakes, scouting and profile shots.

Athlete Coverage

  • You will be allowed 50 images from the gallery that you can hand select out of the 100+
  • These shots can be action shots. sidelines, moments of focus, storytelling moments and more than you could ever need.
  • ***If there is a fee to get into the venue like a viewing/ spectators fee, then the payment will be added to the invoice so I can attend.

The Process:

After shooting at your game, I require a 14 day turnaround time to properly cull, edit and upload the photos to a custom digital gallery, (even though my turnaround time can be quicker than this). Once the gallery is ready, you will receive an email notifying you to select your 50 favorites and how to download them.

Custom shoot

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